Podcasting - Audacity and Garageband

Podcast Creation Tools: Audacity, LAME Encoder, Levelator

Download Audacity Windows XP
Download Audacity - Other
 (Mac and WIndows Vista and WIndows 7)
Download LAME Encoder (I had better luck downloading the .zip version)
Download Levelator (Windows or Mac)
Download iTunes (also installs QuickTime)

Podcast Resources: Sample Podcasts, .pdf guides Tony Vincent's resources
Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand Podcasting Resources
Podcasting for Teachers and Students Booklet - by Tony Vincent (34 page .pdf)
Guide to helping students make great webcasts - from Radio Willow Web (.25 page .pdf)
Radio WIllowWeb - listen to examples of elementary student podcasts
Tony Vincent workshop "Learning in Hand: iPods, iPhones, and iPads in the K-12 Classroom"at Lenawee ISD, August 11 and Summer Tech Symposium - August 12.

Sites for music and images (.pdf)

Garageband Resources (Mac specific)
Garageband 3 Guide (.pdf)
Podcasting for Elementary with Garageband (.pdf)