Weebly and Google Sites


There are many weebly tutorials on the Internet.  Some include video.  Others are .pdf and still others are websites - like this site called, http://weeblytutorial.com  A few tips for Weebly: when you publish, the window will suggest you get a domain of you own.  This is a sales pitch.  Don't click on the link - just close the window.  The second tip - is be patient.  Sometimes when you drag an element over or click to edit, it takes a moment for the screen to update.  If you are patient, it will display what you expect.  Just be patient!  Be sure to back up your site - under the Settings tab (called Archive).  This allows you to download the site for use on your own domain and have a copy in case Weebly ever ends their service.  It is downloaded as a time/date stamped .zip file full of your .html content and files.  Let me Google That for You allows you to create a URL which can be a Tiny URL and when you link on this, it launches a Google search for and shows the typing in the text and searching.  Like: "Weebly tutorials".

Google Sites

Google Sites provide more options in layout and ease in inserting Google gadgets than provided in Weebly.  However, with the increased editing options come more complexity.  It provides many great features - such as being able to duplicate a site or create a site template.  It natively supports Google Analytics.  Districts who use Google Apps for Education often select Google Sites as their web site design application of choice.


Yola - create a free site.

Microsoft Office Live site - comparison of MS Office Live site and Google Page Creator (this is no longer available as it's been replaced by Google sites.