FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I cannot get my Rubristar rubric to show in it's entirety with one screenshot.
Reduce the browser zoom before taking the screenshot (CTRL + scroll wheel).  If it all won't fit into Word, insert a manual page break to start a new page (CTRL + Enter).  Another option is to copy the entire rubric (highlight and copy) in the browser and paste it into Word.  In Word, make modifications so it fits.  The instructors will be able to see that  it was created with Rubistar.

2. I want to create a survey for somone other than students - for the staff.  Would this be okay?
Our goal is to have you learn to use one of the survey tools: Google Docs Forms, Survey Monkey, or Zoomerang.  We are less concerned about what/who you survey.  We want to see that you have learned to use one of the survey tools. 

3. I'm having problems with music in my PowerPoint presentation.  When I move the file, the sounds doesn't play.  For movies and sound, PowerPoint inserts a pointer to the content – the content is not really inserted into the presentation.  When the presentation is moved, the content doesn't get moved with it, or the path is changed.  Create a folder and put sound or movie files into this folder.  Insert the movie or sound into the presentation from this location.  This creates a link which goes back to the same folder where the presentation is stored.  When you copy the presentation to another location or to a USB Flash drive, copy the entire folder.

4. How can I put my PowerPoint presentation online so the music plays?

PowerPoint XP or 2007 does not natively support posting a presentation online with embedded sound or movies.  I like to use a free PowerPoint add-on called, iSpring Free, to convert the presentation into Flash which can be uploaded to the companion SlideBoom site or uploaded to a website as Flash (sounds, narration, and movies play in the presentation.)  This free program adds a ribbon to PowerPoint.  It provides a button to insert YouTube or Flash content into your presentation (YouTube must still be unblocked.)