Post Evaluation Surveys

There are two surveys which must be completed.  We all dislike completing surveys as much as you do - but it's a requirement of the grant - the pre/post survey.  Andy, Gina, and Kevin also have a survey to learn how we can improve this course - for the next time it's taught.  Please complete both surveys.  These were created using Google Docs - Forms.  Thanks for your time.

1 - 21 Things BCK Participant Survey
2 - Post - Survey - the same one you took as a presurvey (to measure how your answers changed as a result of the series.)

Accessing the Course Materials

Click Here
The coursework will be found on the website "21 Things for the 21st Century Educator." Click on the "21 Things" logo to get to the website.
To access the live virtual session link and the virtual session recordings, select the "Virtual Sessions" link on the left.

For those of you who are working toward SBCEUs or Grad Credit, in the sections below you will be able to download a complete list of assignments as well as a copy of the 21 Things portfolio worksheet needed to complete your work.

Course Schedule

The course will run from mid-April, 2010 through the end of June, 2010. The April kick-off sessions are a mandatory face-to-face meetings (4:30-6:30) which will be held: April 19 (4:30-6:30)at Calhoun ISD in Marshall; April 20 (4:00-6:00) at Berrien RESA; and April 22 (4:30-6:30) at Kalamazoo RESA.  Although it's probably most convenient for you to attend the session at your local service area, you are welcome to attend any of these face-to-face sessions. 

All portfolio materials must be submitted by June 20, 2010. A complete schedule can be downloaded and saved to your computer. The schedule is on the Calendar page of this site.  It was created in Google Calendar. Optional: if you have a Google calendar account, you can subscribe to this calendar.

Requirement for SB-CEUs

1. For participants from all school districts and service agencies, register at:  You will need to first create an account.

2. You must record the time you spend on the 21things course on the log.  Click here to download that log.
3. Download, complete and submit a Portfolio for each of the 21 things. This will include screen shots and reflections of each of the 21 things. The Hands-On Activities and Assignments are found at the bottom of each web page. We have provided a compiled list for your convenience. This combination of your Portfolio Worksheets and Hands-On Activities and Assignments constitute a portfolio that will be used to document your sucessful completion.

* Submit Things 1-7 by May 10, 2010
* Submit Things 8-14 by June 6, 2010
* Submit Things 15-21 by June 20, 2010 (or earlier)
4. Complete the Pre-Survey and Follow-up Evaluation and submit it.

5. Upon completion of the portfolio/assignments, email your document(s) to your instructor. Please make the subject line say: 21 Things Portfolio Submission.

Graduate Credit

You may choose to pay for 4 graduate credits from either Central Michigan University or Andrews University. Please be sure to check with your current University for transferring of credits prior to this class. 

Central Michigan University
In order to register for 4 graduate credits you may go to . The total cost of 4 credits will be $1424 ($356/credit). Please make sure that you register for course number EDU 508SR, 21 Things Every 21st Century Educator Should Know. The CRN/EPN is 22133055 and the dates are April 19-June 30, 2010 (Summer I semester).
You may also contact Gina Loveless for printed registration forms. (269)373-5789 or

Andrews University
Register for 4 graduate credits by downloading and completing the 2 forms below. The total cost of 4 credits will be $800 ($200/credit). The dates for this course are April 20 – June 25, 2010 (Summer semester).
Mail completed forms to:
Berrien RESA
Jo Urias
711 St. Joseph Ave.
Berrien Springs, MI 49103

Contact Kevin Clark with any questions.